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Open Resurrection Plant

The Resurrection Plant (saelaginella lepidophylla) is a type of spike moss found in the Chihuahuan desert and is one of two unrelated plants that are commonly referred to as the “Rose of Jericho”.

Setup:  Create a “well” in the stones to support the plant.  Add enough water to just about cover the stones.  Place the Resurrection Plant’s roots right in the water.  Add a little more water if the roots aren’t covered. Within about four hours it will begin open!

Care: Change the water frequently and maintain the water level for as long as you would like to keep the plant open.  We recommended that it be allowed to dry out for at least one week each month.

Temperature: Room temperature is best.  Avoid heating vents and drafts.

Light:  Resurrection plants enjoy a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Fertilizer: None needed

Storage:  Store the plant in a paper bag or box in a cool, dry place safe from harm.  It can be revived again and again!

WARNING:  Spike moss may be toxic to cats!

If you have any questions regarding the care of Air Plants, feel free to contact me!

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